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I often talk to with obese patients who are thinking of bariatric (fat loss) surgery. For some people today, the require to choose certain vitamin and mineral health supplements for the relaxation of their lives is not an uncomplicated to capsule to swallow. To not do so, nonetheless, puts them at danger for severe nutrient deficiencies.

Still, some patients balk at possessing to acquire so quite a few supplements on timetable … for good. That had led at minimum just one doctor in our place to advocate for a skin patch to deliver needed nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Great plan, but how well do they operate?

A several vitamins this kind of as nutritional vitamins C and E in some splendor creams can be absorbed into the pores and skin, nevertheless in restricted amounts. These “topical” ointments are only pores and skin deep, nonetheless.

Patients who have been through gastric bypass surgical procedure have had the higher element of their belly disconnected and rerouted to their compact intestine. In addition to building it difficult to try to eat considerably (hence, the quick pounds reduction) this course of action restrictions the body’s capacity to absorb sure vitamins. That is why these patients require an effective way to obtain further vitamins and minerals into the human body.

Unfortunately, there are couple of human scientific tests to assist the special use of pores and skin patches for the forms of natural vitamins required by gastric bypass sufferers. One little review on people today who had this surgical procedure in contrast those who utilised a vitamin pores and skin patch with some others who chewed and swallowed vitamin drugs.

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Just after a single yr, 82% of people who applied the skin patch were lacking in just one or far more vitamins compared to 40% in the tablet group. Over-all, the researchers pointed out that those who employed a skin patch experienced drastically lessen blood concentrations of vitamins D, B1 and B12 than people who swallowed tablets.

Iron and calcium are other vitamins sorely necessary by people just after they have gastric bypass surgical treatment. Can these minerals proficiently attain the bloodstream and their preferred destination in the human body by a pores and skin patch?

It would certain be terrific if they could, but we even now don’t know for confident. Some animal scientific studies have revealed promise with the use of specially addressed patches to aid the pores and skin superior soak up vitamins and minerals but once again, info is minimal in people today.

A lot more research on humans are underway, so we must know a lot more soon. In the meantime, I’d recommend the tried out-and-genuine strategies to get critical nutrition into our bodies. Pick out foodstuff that give crucial vitamins with every bite. And chew your meals effectively, as this can help make vitamins far more obtainable for your physique to use.

Until finally we have more info, I’d say the best guess following abdomen surgical treatment is to swallow chewable or liquid kinds of the extra vitamins and minerals necessary.

Barbara Quinn-Intermill is a registered dietitian. Electronic mail her at [email protected]